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The bowing of the green crops, unable to resist the wind, seemed to me to greet the
letter from my mother. They were congratulating him saying he came. I turned my eyes a little to the right.

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Magnificent pine trees on the skirts of a beautiful slope were chasing me
with a voice peculiar to them. I turned my evil eye to the left,

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the rushing stream was
laughing, playing and foaming because of the letter I received from my mother … I lifted my fishing in Punta Cana
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head, looked at the leaves of the tree I was resting in its shade. They all shared my joy. I
looked at another branch of it, a beautiful nightingale chasing me with its sweet voice and
opening its thin beaks to show that it shared my feelings.

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My dear mother, a hundred dirhams of milk and water were not added for ten money. The sheep is now milked, I bought
it and drank it. But The nightingale above was shouting

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: “The governor should be offended
by his fate, what should we do. If he were a man, he would smell these flowers, drink this How Much House Can I Afford
milk, see the prostrations of these crops, examine the calm flow of the stream and hear the
sounds it makes.”Şevket should not worry,

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he will see, maybe he will see more beautiful ones.But, my dear mother, do not be upset again. I will definitely bring you, yes you, here.
And I will show you this natural view. Şevket and Hilmi (brothers) will also see thanks to

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you.On a dark green side of that beautiful meadow, the soldiers washing the clothes were
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. Someone with a very beautiful voice was reciting the call to prayer. Oh my
God, how beautiful his voice was in this plain. Even the nightingale was silent, even the crops

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stopped moving, even the stream did not make its sound. The adhan was over. I took an
ablution from that stream. We performed the prayer with the congregation. I fell down. forgot the mountains and pomp of the whole world. I raised my hands, looked up, opened
my eyes and said: – O Great God of the Turks. Haliki. You gave all these to the Turks. Leave it

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to the Turks again. Because such beautiful places are reserved for the Turks who sanctify You
and know You as great. O my Lord!All the wishes of these heroic soldiers; Grant this
honorable wish to the British and the French. You, trembling in your presence, praying for Wells Fargo Near Me
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you in such a beautiful and quiet place, you have already destroyed your enemies with sharp
bayonets, with all the mahfe. “I prayed and got up, saying, ‘Now it would be impossible to
imagine a person as happy as me, as proud as me.Your son Hasan Etem, who wrote the letter, was a reserve officer (reserve officer) named Hasan Etem, who was a teacher at
Beyazıt Numune School while attending his last year at Istanbul Law Faculty. When he heard
that the enemy was based in Çanakkale, he ran to the front like thousands of his peers
without hesitation.This was his last letter. He was martyred in Maydos (Eceabat) two days
after writing this letter. Murat, who came to the front from Karayakup village of Sorgun
town of KuzuYozgat, had a letter written to Şükrü, one of the medical students in the
division: …The officer asked me, I couldn’t answer. My brothers should not be embarrassed
by not being able to answer either.” After a while, a reply letter from Murat’s mother arrives: “O my son, my dear Murat! Say hello to the officer. We henna and sacrifice the
sacrificial rams like that. You are the victim among your four brothers. You are Ismail (as). By
the time he reaches Murat in Çanakkale, Murat’s henna head has already fallen victim to his
God. These days, we will engage in more important battles than ever before. You know, not
every one who fights dies. But if I die, don’t be sad. Just as God, who created me and you,
gave us each other in the world, if he does not withhold the rank of martyrdom from me, of
course, it will bring our souls together. I will be happy if I become a martyr on the way to the
homeland. However, I have a testament for you. First, for me Don’t cry at all…